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Our marina, a combination of tradition, imagination and love was designed in 1995 in front of our family house in Prčanj. With the passing of years, it has become a landing place for a large number of travellers.



Was it for tradition, imagination, or in fact for the love of the sea and ships, in 1995 we made a small marina (mooring area) constructed in front of our family house. Family business, a mooring area, created out of a dream of having a small ship which the family could use for its get-togethers and tours of neighbouring countries.

Every year, the marina (mooring area) is visited by numerous foreign nationals, the French, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Italians, Australians... and every small craft or a sailboat has a special story to tell, which they sometimes share with us, too. Naturally, we are always glad to see and receive our old acquaintances.

For vessels
from 5 to 25m long

Water depth

Power and water

20 winter berths and
15 summer berths

Basic services

Our marina offers berths on: annual, monthly (summer and winter season) and daily basis. Water depth in the marina ranges from 1.5 and 12 meters; 20 winter berths are available and additional 15 summer berths. Bow mooring using mooring lines, stern – ropes on bitts.

Also available is the annual combined berth: “dry berth” during winter, and sea berth during summer, for motor boats up to 10 m long.

Types of

Mooring lines

Stern to dock

Additional services

In the mooring area, power connections are provided for single-phase electric power 16A, 32A and three-phase electric power 32A, 65A. For the vessels of up to 11 m long, there is additional 18t boat lift service. When berthing, you will be assisted by our personnel capable of providing any assistance needed. To make our service complete, we have provided free parking area for our customers and free Wi-Fi connection.

And now something
about Prčanj and Kotor

Prčanj is a small settlement only 3 km away from the historic core of the Town of Kotor, a UNESCO heritage site. Prčanj is an ideal location for holidays, recreation, jogging along the sea, fishing, windsurfing or SUP boarding … far from the usual hustle and bustle, but still close to the Town of Kotor.

Experts think that it is exactly here in Prčanj where therapeutic wind roses meet to create a healthy oasis for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Numerous artists and poets found their inspiration and sanctuary in Prčanj.

The winding coastline makes numerous capes and coves. There are four capes: Glavati (named after a noble family from Kotor), Tre Sorelle (after a legendary 15th century palace), Grasovo and Markov rt, and two coves: Pavlovica and St. Anne. There are also five freshwater sources; generally speaking, Prčanj abounds in good quality drinking water. It has balmy climate, with temperatures rarely reaching 0° C, and only in January and February. Average winter temperature is in the range of 10° C; it snows only rarely with the snow cover melting within a few hours. Due to the fact that Kotor Bay is surrounded with high mountains, in winter winds are not so frequent, while in autumn southerly winds prevail bringing rains. In January and February there is strong northerly wind (bora) which Glavati cove is protected from by Mount Vrmac. 

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